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The Red Dragon Inn's Masquerade Ball; Mass Roleplay

The Red Dragon Inn's Masquerade Ball; Mass Roleplay

Nestled deep within the woods rests a mansion, standing tall against a background of luscious trees and sparking blue skies, next to a clear and glistening lake. But not all is quiet and serene here; hammering, bangings, voices, clatter and noises of all kinds are heard from there to the very steps of the Inn. What could be the source of such a commotion?

A Masquerade Ball, that's what! Notices suddenly appear in all the public places; the town of Senesse, the Inn itself, and nearly every town surround them. Fun, adventure, surprises, and gifts are promised to those who can rummage up a mask. And indeed, adventure a plenty there will be! With the newly sprung Ataraythia Gardens comes the pleasure of rest and leisure from the crowd within. With the Maze of Llysaran comes the risky and dangerous adventure, but rewards at it's end; a chest for the victors filled with gold (that you could use at the Dragon's Merchant Shop ) and gleaming jewels.

Yet inside hides even more surprises. With entertainment while you fill your stomachs with wondrous food, and a last dance holding a special "game" for the women of the ball, you're sure to collapse at the end of the day, full of visions of this wondrous ball.

So lets go! There are spots to fill and costumes to make! Here is where you can find information on some of the events, and here you can find details and pictures of the garden or maze.

If you'd like to ask any questions, or enter in your character to the mass rp, you hop in here. But remember, all and any are welcome! Feel free to simply watch for the scheduled date of the mass roleplay, and surprise everyone by coming in with your character. Or if you'd simply like to watch? Welcome also! We hope to see you soon, and add your own bit to the mystical Masquerade Ball.
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