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The Red Dragon Inn's Shop is now open for business!

Called the Dragon's Merchant, this shop sells all sorts of wonderful things. From armor, swords, and arrows, (magickal, nonmagickal, and custom made/fit), to gems, trinkets, potiens, and scrolls (magickal and nonmagickal also!).

Using the money you earn from Bounty Kills, or from money you've won in another roleplay (which will be kept in track by an operator), you can buy things from this shop. But you can do more then just buy! The Merchant offers trading services, for those travelers who deal not in gold but gems and other artifacts. You can also put your own items up on his shelves--with a little pay for himself, of course. The Merchant, for giving you the honor of show casing your items in his shop, asks for only a third of the price when it's sold.

For an introduction to the building of the shop, and a set of short rules, you can visit our message board here: The Dragon's Merchant.

Or, you can veiw the

A grin split across his lips like a bolt of lightning cracking across the sky. Before him was his one true love, a creation that (he hoped) would put a happy bulge in his money pocket. Ahh..and how wonderful the process had been. He raised his head and thoughts flew; he spoke his thoughts and others heard; he lifted a hand and they were carried out. The smell of new, crips wood drifted across the air towards his waiting senses, eyes open wide to the now standing building.

Steps led to a solid porch held two rocking chairs, making no noise as they rocked in the slight wind. Glass windows--an addition he had scrounged to afford-- rested behind them, giving a breif veiw of the shelves within. The door hung open, this time...welcome to the comforting air, tasting the new walls, the new shapes and objects now placed in it's path. Ahh...yes. Soon those shelves would be filled, glittering with wonderful items.

A single sign swung for a rail branching off of the porch's roof, holding not carved letters and words, but a symbol. With outstretched wings, eyes blazing an indefintly deep red, a dragon hovered in the air. Tight within his claws was a sword, within perilous jaws was a jem, inside of a bottle filled with some foreign substance.

A step took him within, a look around showed him the shelfs and glass casings. Upon the walls hung, what looked like, picture frames, their glass fronts reflecting what light there was left outside. Velvet backings waited for deadly, beautiful weopons to be perched upon them. Smaller shelves within the glass waited for gems and tiny casks of elixers and concoctions. Tables rising from outside the path of the door waited for delicate jewelry and trinkets. But yet...the best, the most rare, the special items...were for the showcase behind the counter.

Stretching from one end of the other, it was made of thick red wood and topped with obsidion stone, intricatly made iron locks indicating some hidden chest beneath. Ahh...the dangers of some objects, only to be kept where no eyes could see. Only those who knew what they were looking for would know where to ask..

A long stretch of shelves, behind even more glass, set with those same delicate locks, showed all their waiting glory. He tried to suppress it, tried to hold back the excited laughter that filled his lunges. But it was impossible; it soared from deep within his stomach and echoed across the empty room. It whisked in through the black curtain, hiding a dark back room that none would enter but him...spilling out through the doorway and startling the few finishing workers. Yet they smiled, knowing and feeling the same glee as he did, their work now finished...except for one.

They raised a small wooden sign, outlined by tracings of flying dragons, letterns burned in with an iron tip. "Sell, buy, trade. Your hearts desire lies inside."

And so the merchant stood behind his counter, fists upon the obsidian surface. Gleaming eyes looked to the open door, grinning a goodbye to the workers as they left this place. Soon they would come, to put their things upon the walls. Soon his own shipment would come, to fill those spaces left. And soon, the risky...nigh dangerous and deadly business of merchant selling...would bring.

And the set of

Here is the RDI's merchant shop! If you have found rare items (anything) of any kind, you can go to this merchant shop and have him put your item upon the wall for sale. Upon it being sold, you will recieve two thirds of the money (or whatever bargain you might have struck with him). If you wish to trade, he will judge the amount worth of the item that you want. ((Images and descriptions of what he holds upon his shelves are soon to come in a special section on the webpage.))

However, the amount of money that you have will be kept in sharp recordance by an Operator. Win money by the bounties put upon the board, or money by selling your items in the merchant shop. Except for looking at the items, this will all be in roleplay form. Unless you make an agreement with the Merchant OOC (OOC it is Serianca), the giving, trading, selling, or buying of items must be in roleplay form.
Earning money must also be in roleplay form. If not from one of the bounties on the board, then you need to have the proof of roleplay in which you stole/found/recieved the money, or have another person present to give proof.

Again, what items you have and how much money you have earned will be kept in track.

So get cracking! Track down some of those bounties awaiting their deaths, or sell those items that you wish! And please, be honorable about it. Don't put your own character on bounty and then kill them for the money, or come in with outrageous items or money. And remember, for your 'gold' to be worth a value, you must have proof! Such as notice on the Bounty Board of who you have killed, or the roleplay or agreement in which you sold your item for that certain amount of gold.

Currently the Shop is still building up it's merchandice, so even more items are soon to come, with images on the webpage!

The items will only keep growing, and the Merchant will alw ays be waiting for a hearty buyer!
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