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Within the world of Senesse, the people and land defy sensible thought; the undead walking, feeding on those of the living. Mysterious elves come out from their hiding to meet with others like them at the Inn, or simply to have a casual drink. Dwarves, Giants, shape shifters, minions of evil, or even simple humans slink from their hiding to be at the one place where human eyes will not judge them: Red Dragon Inn.

From far or near, come to visit this long-lived place. You'll be sure to find whatever you seek there, whether it be far beyond another mind, or as simple as can be. *Smiles, bowing* We'd surely love to see you there.

You've been walking along this path since the sun reached high into the sky. But finally, your mind spinning, you reach the end of that road, an Inn suddenly bursting into view. Above a welcoming, old porch, rests a sign; 'The Red Dragon Inn.' An old lantern swings by, waiting for the night to be lit. Horses tethered give a welcoming neigh to you as you climb onto the steps. The same forest that surrounded you during your travels, lush and green, still comforts your eyes beyond a small field, a stable sitting within it's grasses.

Ahh...a place to rest, you think to yourself once more, pushing that old, creaky door open.

Yet as your eyes meet this site that now greets you, the only thing you can do is stop in your tracks, mouth agape at what you see.

A bar stretches to your right, a man so tall he looks nearly a giant, serves drinks to those sitting at the bar, smells of food slipping from the kitchen doo to waft about your head. Men and women both sit at that bar, warriors, elves, wizards (or so they look, from their strange garb, their foreign features), sip from their mugs. Tables spread out beyond that, each dotted with a candle to light it's own circle upon the wood. Some crept beyond into shadows, glistening fangs within grinning faces watching you behind wined cups. Even farther back blazes a fire, chairs spread before it for those chilled to absorb its warmth. Beyond you, straight ahead, stretches stairs, leading upward into what you hope are the rooms for this...Inn.

Yet, once again, your eyes are distracted, something fuzzy and warm rubbing against your legs. "Watch out for that one," says the giant bartender, voice rumbling across the room. "She might bite your hand off, if you're not careful."

Slowly you turn your eyes downward, but the creature you were hoping to be merely a cat was no longer a creature. A full grown woman stands before you, pointed ears peaking from her hair. Across her skin lay orange stripes that once decorated fur. Yellow eyes twinkle towards you, slim arms suddenly spreading wide. "Don’t mind him. He likes to scare the newcomers." Yet you can only stare, turning your eyes to not see the tail slowly swishing to and fro. "Welcome to the Inn!"

And then, with the purr that seems to resound in her voice, you rightly faint, collapsing onto the floor.

((*Smiles, bowing* Just a taste of what you could find at the long-lived Inn. We'd love to see you there soon, and are sure you'd have a wonderful time roleplaying. The Red Dragon Inn Is our website, and The Inn's MB can be visited here. Come in and take a look! You're sure to have a good time. *Smiles, again, slipping away*))

((The page has recently been updated, with many thanks to our wonderful webmistress, Quialiss! More in depth characters for the Character creation page has been added, along with organizing a few others!))
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